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Charitable Gifts and Scholarships to equip for ministry

Charitable Giving

Uniquely Equipped to Serve Your Estate Planning Needs

Only God knows your future, but smart financial planning can make it a little less “uncertain.” Creating an Estate Plan is an important step in the process, and it’s one of the best ways to provide basic protection for you and your family. Your Plan can make sure that the things you own are given to individuals (family, friends), and organizations (churches, other charities) who will use them in ways that are consistent with your faith, goals, and priorities.

Our experienced staff can help you draft important legal documents and assist with planned giving and trusts. A smart, well-crafted Estate Plan will give you and your family peace of mind – and it can leave a valuable legacy for future generations through:

  • Charitable Trusts

  • Donor Advised Funds

  • Endowments

Charitable Giving Testimonial

I decided that the best vehicle for me was a Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT). By using a CRT, I could donate some highly appreciated stock and not pay any capital gains taxes, get a contribution tax deduction, and get a guaranteed income for life. I could then support the Christian charities of my choice with the endowment that remained until Jesus comes again.

I also set up a “Donor Advisory Fund” (DAF). With this fund I can make a current gift and then decide periodically what Christian charity I want to make a gift to.

Ann M. Pearson


The Baptist Foundation of Indiana is proud to administer funds established by generous donors to provide scholarships to Indiana Baptists. During the past 40 years, we have awarded over $234,000 in scholarships to 645 applicants!

Scholarship funds are available to assist in college tuition costs for members of State Convention of Baptists in Indiana (SCBI) churches, who are called to and preparing for vocational ministry. Scholarship funds are limited and are awarded based on need and parameters set by scholarship fund donors. Scholarships are not available for doctoral candidates. The Foundation accepts applications beginning November 1 for the following Fall/Spring academic school year. Applications and supportive documentation must be received by April 1 in order to be considered for a scholarship. Scholarship awards are determined in May.

Process for Awarding Scholarships

  • Application completed by April 1. (Online application opens Nov. 1)

  • Endorsement of the SCBI church where the applicant is a member in good standing is submitted by April 1.

  • In April the committee reviews information from all applicants and examines the funds available.

  • Recommendations are brought to the Board of Directors for approval.

  • Scholarship applicants will be notified by May 15.

  • Scholarship funds will be sent to the recipients' schools in July or August.

2019 Scholarship Recipients


Redeemer Church, Jeffersonville

Master of Divinity Student
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Warsaw Baptist Church, Warsaw

Master of Divinity Student
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Worship Pastor
First Baptist Church, Charlestown

Arts in Worship Leadership Student
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Member (Missionary Kid)
Oak Park Baptist Church, Jeffersonville

Computer Science Student
(Preparing for Bi-vocational Church Planting)
Wheaton College


Fort Wayne Korean Church

Master of Theology Student
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Associate Pastor for Youth & Children
First Baptist Church, Charlestown

Master of Divinity Student
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Redeemed Community Church, Fairland

Master of Arts in Apologetics Student
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


Member & Deacon
True Vine Baptist Church, Ferdinand

Master of Divinity Student
The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


City View Church, Avon

Digital Communications Student
Boyce College

Scholarship Testimonial

God has provided for me and, now, my family in so many ways. Yet, I do not know of many situations where our God’s provision was more meaningful to me than with the BFI Scholarship this year. This helps me be more present at home by paying for a substantial portion of my tuition. It encourages me to work even harder in school, knowing that God’s provision comes from sacrificial giving. Ultimately, this is an investment in Christ’s church. It directly impacts the ministries that I am involved with now and in the future—for the church’s good and Christ’s glory.

Timothy Bitz
SBTS Student and Member, Redeemer Church, Jeffersonville

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