Church Loans

To help growing churches reach the next level

Church Loans

The Baptist Foundation of Indiana helps to support growing churches and ministries through building and expansion loans from WatersEdge . It’s a powerful way to make a Christian impact in Indiana – and a smart alternative to secular lending through banks and credit unions. Loans are available for new construction, facility renovation and expansion, refinance of existing loan, or any other church-related purpose. 

We offer highly competitive financing with compelling benefits, including:

  • Competitive Terms and Interest Rates

  • Low Closing Costs

  • No Prepayment Penalties

  • Fast and Convenient Financing

  • Convenient Online Application

Types of Loans We Offer:

Your Loan Interest is Reinvested in Kingdom Causes

WatersEdge Loan Process

3 - 5 Business Days

  • 1

    Compare Rates

    Fill out this form to receive a rate quote.

  • 2

    Connect With Us

    We’ll reach out with a custom quote and answer initial questions about your loan.

  • 3

    Apply Online

    Submit your loan using our convenient online application.

3 - 6 Weeks

  • 4


    After we receive your application, we’ll begin the review and due diligence process.

  • 5

    Site Visit

    We’ll schedule an in-person or virtual visit with your church to inspect the property, review the loan in detail and answer questions.

  • 6


    Following the site visit, your loan will be considered for approval.

  • 7


    If approved, we’ll schedule your loan closing with a local title company once final title and insurance requirements are met.

50 Years of Impact

Jennifer Hall

Fifty years ago, in January 1968, the Baptist Foundation of Indiana got its start -- with only a few dollars but a very big vision. Today, in 2018, we manage over $7.5 million for organizations and individual investors around the state. God has blessed the Foundation as it has expanded its reach, and our continued growth has enabled dozens of Southern Baptist ministries across Indiana to thrive.

Our mission is a simple one. We believe that there is no other institution that can transform lives more effectively than the local church - no government, business, hospital or university. But most churches need tangible resources to accomplish their goals. So, what happens when a growing church needs to buy land, expand or make improvements to their property? This is where the Baptist Foundation of Indiana helps!

We believe that our calling is to help you achieve your calling. Our goal is to deliver the most cost-efficient, hassle-free loan anywhere. Apply for a loan today and let us help you take your church to the next level with a trusted Southern Baptist financial partner.


Taking the loan out through WatersEdge not only saved the church quite a bit of money in interest charges, but also allowed any interest paid on the loan to be re-invested in other churches.

Reginald Fletcher
Pastor, Living Word Baptist Church

Rather than banking rules promulgated by commercial lending institutions, the Foundation uses common sense guidelines like church attendance, giving patterns and fair market property values to make loan decisions.  I would like to see more people and churches benefit from this lending source God has established for the church.

Ken Booster
Finance Chairman, Geist Church

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